Task From Email

This macro for Microsoft Outlook creates a button which, when clicked, will quickly create a new task for the currently open email that will trigger a reminder in a set number of days. It's useful if you file emails into folders and find that, once they are out of your inbox, you forget about them.


The macro has a large number of configurable options which you can tweek to best suit the way that you work. They are:

  1. The email can be attached to the task.
  2. The notes section of the task can contain a defined number of emails in the chain - so allowing you to quickly get the gist of the task without having to open the attachement (which may not be possible to do on non-Microsoft devices such as an iPhone or Blackberry).
  3. The sensitivity and importance of the task can be set to match the email. So if the email is marked as important, your task will be as well.
  4. You can define how many days in the future you want to be reminded (if at all).
  5. You can define whether or not it takes weekends into account when setting the due date and reminder.
  6. There are three different types of reminder, including a customisable hour and none at all.
  7. You can automatically place the task into a set category.
  8. You can flag the original email with a note to indicate a task is set.
  9. You can select one or more emails from the inbox and create tasks for each one with one click.


Task From Email is distributed under the GNU GPL. In short, this means you get the code absolutely free. In addition you can freely make modifications to that code and redistribute it, as long as you use the same licence. For more details about the GNU GPL see the Frequently Asked Questions.


In order to use this macro you need the following:

A small amount of knowledge about Windows and Outlook would be useful.