Picture Mover

This program (for Microsoft Windows) identifies all the pictures (in JPEG or GIF format) in either the same folder that it is run in or a named folder and moves each picture into a sub-folder titled 'Portrait', 'Landscape' or 'Square' depending on that picture's aspect ratio.


This program has the following features:

  1. Easy to use, there are no configuration settings to change.
  2. Can be run from the command line or desktop.
  3. Moves JPEG and GIF pictures. PNG is not supported.
  4. Can handle JPEG files ending in .JPG and .JPEG.
  5. Can handle GIF and JPEG files with various capitalisation.
  6. Skips over any pictures which cannot be moved for any reason (eg. corrupted)
  7. Creates folders for pictures only if one is required.
  8. Requests confirmation from the user before any files are moved.
  9. Faster and easier than performing the task manually.
  10. Displays a status update whilst examining the images.
  11. Automatic mode for use in batch scripts.



Limitations / Known Issues

This program has the following limitations or known issues:

  1. No support for PNG files, due to a Microsoft limitation1.
  2. The program deliberately avoids examining (the lesser used) BMP, ICO, RLE and WMF files.


Picture Mover is distributed under the GNU GPL. In short, this means you get the code absolutely free. In addition you can freely make modifications to that code and redistribute it, as long as you use the same licence. For more details about the GNU GPL see the Frequently Asked Questions.


In order to use this program you need the following:

A small amount of knowledge about Windows would be useful.




1 Despite assertions by Microsoft in that link, this program works perfectly fine on 64-bit Windows 7.