Move TV Films

This program (for Microsoft Windows) will move all Windows Media Center recordings that are films into a different folder. This is useful if you wish to stop your "Recorded TV" folder from containing a mixture of films and TV and also if you view and/or manage these films in a third party application Emby, Kodi or Plex).

As an example, if you recorded Double Jeopardy on Film4 then this program can rename the file from Double_Jeopardy_Film4_2014_10_21_20_58_00.wtv to Double Jeopardy (1999)\Double Jeopardy (1999).wtv and move this to a directory of your choice.

This program was inspired by MoveRecordedTVMovies (by Andy Boura) and was originally written when the program was unavailable to download for a period of time. It also adds a number of useful additional pieces of functionality, plus the Visual Basic .NET source code is available for people who want to make further modifications.


This program has the following features:

  1. Highly configurable command line based program for running as a one off or as a scheduled task.
  2. Looks at WTV or DVR-MS files (with extensions wtv, dvr-ms or dvrms).
  3. Can automatically find the "Public Recorded TV" path or let you use any other location.
  4. Extracts the correct film name from the meta-data.
  5. Extracts the correct year from the meta-data. Will try several places within the meta-data (including the description) if the year is missing from the standard "year" field.
  6. Creates any missing folders and renames/moves the file using the standard XBMC/Plex/Media Browser naming format.
  7. Can be configured not to create directories and/or not to rename recordings.
  8. Test mode which doesn't move files or create folders.
  9. Seven days worth of logs kept.
  10. Verbose logged more, useful to see what is going on.


Move TV Films is primarily intented to automated to run on a regular basis. As such, the application is command line driven and the only output is an exact mirror of what is being saved in the logs.


Limitations and known issues

  1. If there already is a film with that file name, the move will not occurr.
  2. It's not possible to prevent it from running if something is being recorded.


Move TV Films is distributed under the GNU GPL. In short, this means you get the code absolutely free. In addition you can freely make modifications to that code and redistribute it, as long as you use the same licence. For more details about the GNU GPL see the Frequently Asked Questions.


In order to use this program you need the following:

This program is not recommended for people who are not comfortable with the workings of Microsoft Windows, command line applications and the scheduling of tasks.